Contest finalist 2d6 Magazine 2022
It will be published at the end of 2023

Players: 3-6
Playing Time: 20 min
Complexity: Easy
Category: Board game
Languaje: Indiferent

The most famous horror movie monsters are going to attend the Sitges Festival and are looking for accommodation at HOTEL 666. But be careful! There are not enough rooms and the last 2 to arrive at the hotel will be locked out!”

HOTEL 666 is a card management game, with hints of hidden roles and bluffing.
Very fast and fun family game, with a lot of interaction between players.

The goal is not to be one of the 2 characters eliminated.
And who will be the 2 characters eliminated at the end of the game?
The players who have the highest value card and the lowest value card.
(Example: if a 4-player game ends and Ramón has a 7, Laura a 4, Ana a 10 and David a 13, the losing players are Laura and David. These monsters will be left without a room! Get out of the hotel!